I want to remove my resume from Google search results. How can I do that?

☝️Before you start

Please note recruiters find DoYouBuzz's CV thanks to Google. Therefore they can't find you if you are not indexed and visible.

If you don't want to be indexed that's your choice, but you might also consider hiding only what really matters to your privacy, such as your contacts details which can be done by using the visibility parameters.

Prevent search engine to index your resume

On your resume, go to 

Then :

And then, make sure the option "Allow search engines to index your resume" is checked off as below:

With this set up, we tell search engines not to index your CV.

Send a request for removal to Google

Please note that once your CV was indexed it will take some time before Google unindex it therefore we suggest you send a removal request to Google. If you don't, your CV will be unindexed the next time Google will crawl it (which you don't really know when it will happen).