Starting with a Premium account

Please take a few minutes to look at this article where we'll show you what a Premium accounts gives you and how you can use your subscription to its fullest.

Domain name

If you have a Premium Visibility acccount, you get a domain name. You can choose it during your subscription, if you haven't you can still configure it.

This domain name will become the main access to your professional profile. Therefore, think about all the place where your name is mentionned and add this domain to it : email signature, business card, social networks... By doing so, you'll help broadcast your profile and one day, that might land you an opportunity.

For information : your former web address will still be active, it will only redirect all traffic to your new domain name.

When you set up you domain, it will take between 4 to 12 hours before it works perfectly. Then there is the propagation time before your domain name can be accessed by everybody.

Email alias

Once you have your own domain name, you can set up email aliases such as You can have as much of those as you want.

If you want to do so, please have a look at our guide : Set up the email aliases.

Layouts and designs

As a Premium user, you have access to all the web and PDF designs. Take some time to choose which onee suits you best!

Upload your own print resume

If you want to create your own print design, for example if you prefer a word format instead of the PDF we offer, you can upload your own print resume instead of the DoYouBuzz generated one.

Advanced stats : link your Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools accounts

Without a Premium account, you can see how many people have a look at your resume.

As a Premium user, with Google Analytics, you get more information on people who visit your resume such as their geographic origin, how long they spend on your resume, where did they came from (Google, e-mail, website...) and some more.

In order to get all those informations, you just need to créer a Google Analytics account (it's free) et link it to your account. Please note that it'll take a few days before you get any usefull stats.

Tutorials :

For your information : When you visit your own resume, we don't count this a visit in your stats.

Erase all DoYouBuzz comments on your resume

When you become a Premium Cuser, we erase all comment of DoYouBuzz on your web, PDF and mobile resume.

If you want to also erase your resume URL (which on a monthly Premium subscription will mention doyoubuzz), you can remove the refernce by hovering on the content and removing it.

Multiple resumes

As a Premium user, you can have as many resumes as you want.

International profiles

If you apply in another country or if you resume will be read by foreign people, you can have a translation of your main resume in many different languages.

To do so, you just need to go to the Manage my resumes page, and click on "Create a new translation of this resume".

Unlimited portfolios

Premium users can have as many portfolios as they want.

Those enable you to showcase your skills in a different way. Even if your are not the creative type, you can enhance your resume with presentations, report, screenshots... or even a picture of you in your work environment.