Set up the email aliases

On DoYouBuzz, an email alias is an email adress built like this : ( being the domain you chose for your Premium account). All emails sent to this alias will be redirected to the email associated with your account.

Who can get an email alias ?

All Premium users with a personal domain (and so a one year Premium subscribtion) can have email aliases.

If you are a Premium user and you haven't chosen your domain yet, you can set it up here.

How to configure an email alias ?

  1. Go to the email aliases page
  2. Type the alias you want to use, then press "Add"

   3. Wait for 10 minutes before you use this aliasMake sure an email alias works

If you want to test the email alias you just made, please use a different email than the one associated to your DoYouBuzz account. The reason is some providers ( like Gmail) do not show the message if sent from the same email as the destination of the alias.