Text formatting (bold, italics, etc.) using markdown

⚠️ This is an experiment feature. Some options may change in the coming weeks or months.

You can handle the text formatting on your resume (bold, italics, titles, etc.) by using markdown markups in the text (i.e. by adding some specific caracters before or around the text you want to format)

Formatting Example Preview
Bold **This text is bold** This text is bold
Italics _This text is in italics_ This text is in italics
Underlined ++This text is underlined++ This text is underlined
Highlights ==This text is highlighted== This text is highlighted
Strikethroughs ~~This text is struckthrough~~ This text is struckthrough
List * First item
* Second item
   * Nested item
   * Nested item

NB : to nest items, use 3 spaces before the "*"
  • First item
  • Second item
    • Nested item
    • Nested item
1. Number 1
2. Number 1
   1. Number 2.1
   2. Number 2.2

NB : to nest items, use 3 spaces before the number
1. Number 1
2. Numéro 2
   1. Numéro 2.1
   2. Numéro 2.2
Title # Title


Link [See my website](https://www.doyoubuzz.com) See my website
Separation ---
New page /newpage On the PDF resumes, this text will not be visible but will force all the following text to go on the second page. It won't work on Web resumes.