Your Web and PDF resumes reunited at last

They used to despise each other...

A few days ago, web and paper had a hard time getting along on DoYouBuzz: you couldn't have the same design on both the web version and PDF version of your resume.

You had to find a risky compromise between two designs that didn't have the same layout, font, graphic setting and visual impact. In short, you were in the same position as Jean-Claude Van Damme, torn between sometimes incompatible choices:

Too much hesitation led to a bad case of leg-ache for JCVD

Now, they are walking hand in hand...

From now on, if you choose a design for your resume, it applies to both the web and PDF versions of your resume. It is as simple as that.

The sections are placed the same way in both your Web and PDF resumes.

It was a big frustration to get some sections misplaced when using DoYouBuzz on the PDF version. In the "Bill" design, for instance, skills were always placed at the top right corner. ALWAYS. And you couldn't say anything about this!

This scene has been shot with professional stuntmen. Don't do this at home.

Now, sections are placed the same way on both web and PDF versions.

Come on, we are talking about some subtlety here: if your web and PDF designs have different layouts (one using one column and the other using two, for instance), it's possible that the sections are not correctly adapted and that one section is misplaced. So make sure to check that the sections are well positioned when using the new layout on your PDF resume.

From August 10th, one resume = one design

For now, you can still have one design for your web resume and another different one for your PDF resume. From August 10th, however, it will be no longer possible and a resume will only get to have a single design!

We suggest you apply the same design on both your web and PDF versions today. If you haven't done so by August 10th, we will do it automatically for you (the web design will be considered as the only design).

Disappearance of some designs and other info

Some designs will disappear because they were repetitive with other existing ones. These are: "Simple", "Replicant", "Panda", "Caprica" designs. They will be replaced by the Classic design. The "Phoenix" design will only be available in the Premium offer (if you're a free member and get this design by August 10th, you will keep it forever :)). 

A unique mobile version

For now, the mobile version hasn't been adapted and there's a unique mobile version (that will get the same color you applied to your design). 

Any other questions?

If you have any other questions about this change of resume that will be applied to your resume, don't hesitate to  contact us!