How should I complete my skills level?

This article explains how to complete the skills level available on DoYouBuzz. We use a 5-star notation, with a half-star accuracy.

Skills level are optional

Skills levels are completely optional. You won't be penalized if you have don't have any skill level on your CV. It is just a way to display information on your profile and to guide people who will read your CV.


Our notation system is a simplified version of the  European Qualifications Framework, which is a 8-levels notation system.

1 star - Beginner

Equivalent to 1st & 2nd EQF level.

Knowledge Basic facts and knowledge
Skills Basic skills required to carry out simple tasks
Autonomy Work or study under supervision with some autonomy in a structured context

2 stars - Intermediate

Equivalent to 3rd & 4th EQF level.

Knowledge Knowledge of facts, principles, processes and general concepts
Skills Cognitive and practical skills required to accomplish tasks and solve problems by selecting and applying basic methods, tools, materials and information
Autonomy Exercise self-management within the guidelines of work. Adapt own behaviour to circumstances in solving problems that are usually predictable, but are subject to change
Responsibilities Supervise the routine work of others.

3 stars - Good

Equivalent to 5th EQF level.

Knowledge Comprehensive, factual and theoretical knowledge within a field of work or study and an awareness of the boundaries of that knowledge
Skills Cognitive and practical skills required to develop creative solutions to abstract problems
Autonomy Exercise self-management in an unpredictable work context.
Responsibilities Taking responsibility for decision-making in unpredictable work context.

4 stars - Advanced

Equivalent to 6th & 7h EQF level.

Knowledge Advanced knowledge of a field of work or study, involving a critical understanding of theories and principles. 
Skills Advanced skills, demonstrating mastery and innovation, required to solve complex and unpredictable problems. Able to develop new knowledge and procedures in the field.
Autonomy Taking responsibility for decision-making in unpredictable work or study contexts.
Responsibilities Manage and transform work contexts that are complex, unpredictable and require new strategic approaches.

5 stars - Expert

Equivalent to 8th EQF level.

Knowledge Knowledge at the most advanced frontier of a field of work or study and at the interface between fields.
Skills The most advanced and specialised skills and techniques,required to solve critical problems in research and/or innovation and to extend and redefine existing knowledge or professional practice
Responsibilities Demonstrate substantial authority, innovation, autonomy, scholarly and professional integrity and sustained commitment to the development of new ideas or processes at the forefront of work or study contexts including research.