How do I get to know what's coming on DoYouBuzz ?

If you don't want to miss any new features or news from DoYouBuzz, there are many opportunities to stay in touch.

The newsletter

Once a month at most ((and often less often), we send a newsletter where you'll find the new features of DOYouBuzz and advices on how to write your CV. You can subscribe to it in your   Dashboard where you can just turn the "Newsletter Signup" ON.

The blog

Once a week, on average, we post some news on the blog : new features, advices on your CV and on DoYouBuzz, but also some insight on how we do all at the office.

Social networks

Facebook and Twitter enalbe you to keep in touch. Ther,e you'll get all the news, advices and more often than not some smalltalk with the team.

Please note that Facebook only displays the news to an average of 10% of fans. Therefore, you should check the "Receive notifications" box to be informed of all the informations.