What happens when my Premium account expires?

When your Premium account expires, all your Premium options are removed.
Here is the full explanation.

Premium Visibility and other subscription with a domain name

☝️This case concerns you only if you have a domain name associated with your resume.
Once your Premium account expires, here it what happens to your domain name:
  • Your domain name won't be linked anymore to your resume. People who will try to access your resume on the domaine name (yourname.com) will see an error page.
  • You will have 30 days to retrieve your domain name. After that period, it will be either blocked or will be freed so that other people can buy it.

All Premium versions

  • All your resumes will be deactivated (except the main one). If you had created more that one resume, all the resumes other than the main one won't be accessible anymore. Your data will still be stored (so that if you renew your account several month later, you will be able to retrieve them).
  • Back to the free design and layouts. If you had choose a Premium design or layout, you will be downgraded to the free design, layout and color.
  • The DoYouBuzz logo will be back. The DoYouBuzz logo and the text "Resume created on DoYouBuzz" will appear once again on your resumes.
  • Additional portfolio no more visible. If you had created several portfolios, they will be deactivated (you won't be able to access them, and neither your visitors). We will keep only the portfolio that is in 1st position on your resume. Please note that the portfolios won't be removed (except if you remove them manually). If you take back a Premium account later on, these additional portfolios will be visible again.
  • Deletion of the Google Analytics Code. If you had enterd a Google Analytics code on your Web Resumes, they will be removed. New data won't be stored in your Google Analytics account