How do I delete my account?

This article will tell you how to delete your account or unindex your CV from Google.

In this article

Make a choice

Delete your account or disappear from Google?

If you only wish to disappear from Google, you'd better unindex your CV : it'll be as efficient and you won't loose all your data.

Unpublish or unindex your CV

Your CV will disappear from Google in more or less 24h

It is the quickest and most efficient way to disappear from Google.

Go to  your CV
Open the Settings menu on the left, then go to > Resume visibility 
Turn Off the option you want (either to unpublish or unindex your resume)
Send a removal request to Google to quicken the removal of your CV.

Delete your account

If the service doesn't suit you and you wish to leave for good, you can delete your account. This is is irreversible, you or us will not be able to recover your resume, even if you are a Premium user.

Go to My account
Get to the bottom of the page
Click on the "Delete my account" link
Type your password
Confirm the deletion of your account