How to be most visible on Google ?

DoYouBuzz and Search engine optimization (SEO)

DoYouBuzz is built to give you the best SEO possible. This means the pages, the link between all sections of your CV and even the source code are built in such a way that search engines understand and index your CV with ease.

Nevertheless, even if most of DoYouBuzz's CV are in the first ranks on a [First name, Surname] request, we can't guarantee first rank everytime. Even with a Premium account, which gets a URL, this first rank goal cannot be absolutely certain.

Search engines (Google first among those) have algorithms for page ranks and as you know we are not Google and we can't control those algorithms.

Allow search engines to index your resume

If you want search engines to index your resume, it needs to be published and you need to authorize the indexation.

  1. Go to the resume you want to make visible
  2. Use the menu "Share my online resume"
  3. Then, go to :
  4. And the, make sure the box is checked

Three points you must get

To get a good page rank, there are three points :

  • A website built with SEO in mind. That's our job and we have a pretty nice track record about it.
  • Get the right content. Obviously you are the one that writes the CV, therefore you need to use the right words: think about what the people looking for someone like you will search on Google, and use these keywords on your resume (especially: the title of your resumes, the title of your experiences, trainings and skills, and of course some of the content of your experiences or skills).
  • Some links poiting to your CV. The goal here is to get your CV known on the web so people will link to it. That's a major point for Google and for most of the other search engines. We suggest you get a look at our tutorial to get some links.

Overall, you must see your DoYouBuzz CV as the founding stone of your SEO.

Be patient, SEO is a long drive and you won't have the best results the first day. You must also be carefull because being first doesn't mean you'll always be and you might need to keep spreading your CV from time to time to keep it that way.

I have lost visibility (or even disappeared) from Google

From time to time search engines update their index, their results pages or even their search algorithms. Therefore you might see your CV loosing some ranks one day without having changed anything on the way you handle your SEO.

If this happens (it's thanksfully pretty rare) you can act in numerous ways :

  • Are your CV settings set properly ? Do you have enough content in your CV (on the home page but also on the other, please remember that your CV needs to be at least 50% complete to be indexed) ?
  • Have you updated your CV lately ? Search engines don't care too much about a page that seems dead for a long time. Regular updates of your CV, with your last missions for example, is therefore your best friend to keep to the first ranks.
  • Do you have enough links pointing to your CV ? How many ? Have some disappeared lately ? If so, try to get some new ones.