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We’ve tried to do everything to make using DoYouBuzz as simple as possible, but if you need help creating your resume, follow this guide ...

Contact our team for assistance

Depending on whether you’re a Premium member or a free user, contact methods are different. We explain everything here:

We’re a small team and so unfortunately can’t answer all DoYouBuzz users. Only Premium members can contact our team to ask for help using the tool.

If you’re a Premium member:

You can contact us very easily via the chat button in the bottom right of your screen:

You’ll get an answer to your question within 24 hours max (working days only)

The help section contains lots of information. Before contacting technical support, we encourage you to try and find the answer by yourself – with the help of the keyword search within this section, among other things. 

This will save you time and energy 🚂

If you’re a free DoYouBuzz user:

You can contact us to:

To do this, use the contact forms accessible via the chat button in the bottom right of your screen

If you have a question about using DoYouBuzz, please visit our help section

How to effectively use our help section

A few tips to help you find the answers to your least those to do with creating your DoYouBuzz resume 😬 

The vast majority of questions you ask our support team can actually be found in the help section. We’ve tried to make this as comprehensive as possible 📚 

Thanks to the tips below you’ll save time creating your resume, finding the answers to your questions without going through a third person 💪

Use the keyword search 🗝 !

Our help section is well-equipped: the keyword search will save you valuable time.

It’s simple, all you need to do is enter the subject of your query below. The search engine is well desgined – it’ll list the sections you need.

Follow the user guide before creating your DoYouBuzz resume!

Some people like to read the instructions before launching into assembling their furniture 🛠... For these particular individuals, we’ve chronologically organised the help section.