How to remove the DoYouBuzz Logo and other mentions

DoYouBuzz can be mentioned at several places on your resume and you may want to remove these mentions. Here are the different options available

C'est vous qui candidatez, pas DoYouBuzz ! Votre futur recruteur n'a pas besoin de savoir où et comment vous avez fait votre CV, seul le résultat compte 😎

Il peut exister plusieurs mentions DoYouBuzz sur votre CV :

  •  le logo DoYouBuzz (en bas de votre CV)
  • l'URL de votre CV
  • la vignette de limitation (si vous avez choisi un design Premium)

Remove the DoYouBuzz logo (at the bottom of your resume) and "Resume created on DoYouBuzz (on the left)

When you are a free users, DoYouBuzz is mentioned on two places :

  • At the bottom of your page:
  • On the left column:

To delete these mentions, you must get a Premium account. As soon as you are a Premium member, the logo will be removed.

Supprimer la vignette de limitation Premium

When you download your PDF, if you get the mention "Do you like this resume?", it means you are a free member but you tried premium options.

To remove this mention, switch to a Premium account and download the resume a second time.