Premium Applications

You want to subscribe to or have already subscribed to a Premium Applications account ? Here we explain how you can use it 😊

To subscribe to Premium Applications, go to the page dedicated to our offers

The Premium Applications offer is designed for persons in search of employment who want to manage their CV and customise their application.

Delete all references to DoYouBuzz from your CV

Removal of DoYouBuzz references is automatic and you don’t have to do anything. We remove all references to DoYouBuzz from your web, paper and mobile CVs :

  • The words "CV created on DoYouBuzz" will disappear from the bottom of the page and the bar "Create your CV on DoYouBuzz" will be deleted from your web CV.
  • The URL of your web CV on your PDF CV can be removed by hovering your mouse over the mention and updating or deleting the text.

Change the font size of your PDF CV

To optimise the space occupied by the text on your PDF, you can modify the sizes of the margins and font. 

To do this, check that your resume is configured as PDF, the font-size selector will appear in the resume editor.

Choose any template and designs from our gallery

We give you access to our entire Design gallery to enable you to customise your applications...

For example, you can adapt the design of your CV to the graphic charter of the company you are applying to, adapt the type of Design that you choose to correspond to the sector of activity that you are targeting, or simply change the design to suit your mood :-)

Create as many CV as you need.

With the Premium Applications, you can also create as many CVs as you need.