Can I get ownership of my domain name ?

Yes you can! 

If you get ownership of your Domain, then we won't be able to display your resume on this web address.

If your Premium subscription is still active

You can get ownership of your Domain while your Premium subscription is active. Nevertheless, this can't be down during the following periods :

  • during the first 2 months of your subscription (this limitation is set by the domain registration companies);
  • during the last month of your subscription (coz we need some time to make sure the domain transfer is done)

If you want to start this, you can contact us.

If your Premium subscription is over

Once your Premium subscription has run it's course, your Domain is not ours anymore and we can't do anything on it anymore. Nevertheless your Domain is not available immediatly. Domains are entitled to specific rules, depending on its extension and we can"t bend those.

If you wan't to know where you Domain stands, please have a look at the Domain name expiration table. If your Domain is "released" then you can get it using whichever registar you want (ex. :, provided nobody bought it first obviously.