I just bought a Premium account and my personal web address is still not available. Is everything ok ?

This article tells you why your personal web address might not be available on your resume.

I haven't chosen my domain

If you have subscribed to a Premium account without choosing your domain, you can configure it whenever you want there : Domain name.

If however you have chosen it, there might be another reason.

Minimum installation delay from 3 to 12 hours

When you buy a Premium account with a domain, you need to wait for some time before it is activated :

  • 3 hours for a domain in .com, .net, .org, .info, .be
  • 12 hours for a domain in .fr

We'll let you know

No need to worry, you will receive an email once you domain will be up and running.

Domain propagation time

Domain names do not propagate throughout the internet immediately, but require that all caches expire and refresh. This means there is a technical delay after your domain is up and running before everybody can see it.

That delay varies depending on your provider, but it can be up to a few hours and therefore you might need to wait after receiving our email to see your domain.

Follow the propagation of my domain

Here is a nice tool that let's you watch the propagation of your domain : http://just-dnslookup.com

My domain still not active after 24 hours

If your domain is still not working after 24 hours, then there might be an issue. Contact us and we will have a look.